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Company profile

AAC (Advanced Automation Consultant Limited) started in 1995 by some professionals coming from different specializations but with a common characteristic: they have an engineer degree and a previous large experience in international companies.

We look at customer's satisfaction, so we control step by step the advanced technology application design, to obtain an effective and speed result. Our softwares do we to be able to calculate and to erase the errors that are certainly present in technologically advanced projects, in design phase. Our structure is light to give a flexible, speed and cheap result.

Principal company's fields for the international customs are:
multiple axes robotics: design, application, assistence, integration with advanced technology motors and motion control drivers;
web design: graphics, editing, management.

Our international and national clients in these fields:
in robotics: manifacturing and packaging industries as well as astronomic observatories all over the world;
in web design: little and middle enterprises, professionals, voluntary associations.


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